Thursday, February 19, 2009

Truth about 'Tonight: Franz Ferdinand' by Franz Ferdinand

When I start listening to Franz Ferdinandz's new album 'Tonight: Franz Ferdinand' I just get something in my head, a comparison. I want to compare the album compilation to Morrissey's 'Bona Drag' from 1990 but I take a listen to 'Bona Drag' and decide on changing that. 'Bona Drag' is way much better, in fact that one is brilliant and 'Tonight: Franz Ferdinand' is not. On the other hand I do like what I here. Franz Ferdinand is something of that New Wave/Alternative Pop Melodic with a rock clash to it that makes them one of those bands that is up there in front room or rather the underground front room. Rather than Morrissey I love to compare them to Max. Parks or Interpol and maybe some sides of Arctic Monkeys. This time the Scottish quartet has released another good album.

'Tonight: Franz Ferdinand' starts rater Joy Divisionish, pretty slow and maybe not what I expect. I hope for something like a top 20 of 2009 but what I get is the impression of slowing down the speedo rocket that finally going upwards. Of course track number three, 'No For Girls' is awesome, but that I already know so what I found when the album finally turns better is 'Twilight Omens' and 'Live Alone' and it was from these songs I got the Morrissey similarities, but this is mostly a melodic indie rock album that doesn't really come forth and that's why I become dissapointed. I can't say that it is bad it's just not 'Franz Ferdinand' (Their first Album released in 2004). It is a good album and Franz Ferdinand that finally has become a rather well-reputated band pulls of a good thing but I seriously believe that their better suited for a festival summer than in my iPod or in people's living rooms. It's well produced no talk about it.

When we reach the end of the album I get familiar with my favorite type of almost all genres, the little slower, calmer and beautiful songs 'Lucid Dreams' and 'Katharine Kiss Me'. Its good, to sum up this rather weird review I would like to say that this album is worth your attention, not just a recognition of brilliance. It feel like we have heard it before and sure its good, but first time melodic indie rock is always the best.

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  1. I can't really compare Tonight to Bona Drag, I don't know where this comparison comes from but anyway I have my own FF and Morrissey favorites.