Thursday, March 5, 2009

Truth about 'No Line on The Horizon' by U2

I expect for a lot when I press play on 'No Line on The Horizon' and after song one I am thrilled about the next one. The opening intro and 'No Line on The Horizon' kicks off the beginning of a promising after noon. I love how U2 has done this thing of opening up their albums with terrific songs, just look at 'How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb' and the song 'Vertigo'. 'All That You Can't Leave Behind' had 'Beautiful' and not to even mention the 1987, 'Joshua Tree' opening with 'Where The Streets Have No Name'. Classic songs of U2, modern as old has come through this sequence of opening up the albums.

'No Line on The Horizon' feels like a little coming back to the technical instrument aspects rather than the raw musical instruments like in 'How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb'. Which is fine and 'Magnificent' holds on to much beauty. The in between just makes me tired. After 'Magnificent' I am facing 6 experimental tracks with onky one thumb up and that is; 'I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight' but even though the rather mellow before and after tracks I find myself not quite paying attention to the album at all anymore. The album of March is gone, the album of the year? What are expectasions, when the result takes you down.

Still 'No Line On The Horizon' has a brave closure to it. But that doesn't mean that it isn't quick. 'White as Snow' is a beautiful technical, little experiment that I dig. 'Breath' aims it up at bit and I, that thought that I had a rock & roll album in front me. The outro signifies the rather weak album that hoped so much out of and maybe 'No Line on The Horizon' is a more litterary title that I would think it would be. The album is blurrly little line that never really comes together, it's cool for two songs and then it loses me still even though my dissapointment didn't get me sold I do agree that it was an okay album, okay but not much more. The conclusion is that even if this was a no-blueprint planned album and more of a jam session I still would like to say, stick to the blueprints. In the end I presume that this album will be either recalled as greatness or blunder, when and what that will be I am not sure of, therefore I lay myself in the middle only for it to get better as I am sure it will be as time goes by.

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