Sunday, February 22, 2009

Truth about 'Dear John' by Loney Dear

I have to admit that I was surprised when I found out that Loney Dear was from Sweden. There's so much that's only one or two hours away from the town you were raised in that you have never heard of, this artist is one of those. Origianally from Jonkoping in Sweden, artist Emil Svanängen has received great recognition lately as he recently released a new album, 'Dear John'. 
Loney Dear is something between what I would call the new Swedish invasion. Between Timo Räisanen and Jens Lekman we find Loney Dear. Dear John is a typical Swedish Indie/Pop/Rock story that comes out quite good. In fact, third time becomes the charm. Even though the mourning, downy atmosphere to the album it holds up so much joy and charm. With the beautiful 'I Was Only Going' out I get captured in a visually told story. I recognize the growing up in my coastal Swedish hometown Oskarshamn and the summer nights of my teenage years where a song like this would define me and give the inspiration for greater things. It's hard to describe in words what 'Dear John' sounds like because even though it reminds of this and that it has an original label to it and that's why I fully agree with the attention around it.

What's seem to be the problem here is simply the positioning of the tracks, from a powerful start with 'Airport Surroundings' and 'Harsh Words' I tense the feeling of the album going downward in a melodic speed. He loses me and kind of slumbers of as the album reaches towards the end. When you take a look at the harmful songs composed as individual pieces the the production is beautiful, clean and very well accepted in my musical opinion. He closes the album rather mellow, rather soft and even though 'Violet' helps us to feel the tensions I remember how the opening totally struck me and that's where I'm lost. The album is though a promising album, that defines a new era of Swedish powerful musicians. Dear John is a great album and Loney Dear remains on my list. A truly amazing thing-piece that I choose to like very, very much.

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