Monday, February 23, 2009

Amoeba Records, The Store of Records

This is not a commercial breakthrough of MT&T where I try to sell you a concept, an artist or a store. This is more of a personal recommendation to people in California, vistors or people of residency who love music and even more so love records. In a world of iTunes people have started to move away from the real concept of going out and but records which is one part of the modernization of our society.
If you still love buying records but you find them just a little bit to expensive and you've got tired of Virgins or Hot Topics poor selection of vinyls I would like you all to check out Amoeba Records. Amoeba is not an online store because that's not the purpose of Amoeba. Amoeba is one of the world largest record stores with over 1 million titles in store. They have recently started some what a home delivery but among the three existing stores in California they are all worth a visit. Their newest store is located on 6400 Sunset Boulevard and Vine St. in West Hollywood and will sweep you off your feet.
Me, lost and in love at Amoeba Records.

The originated stores in San Francisco and Berkley contain the same concept, used cd's to minimum prices, vinyl sections, a large number of hard-to-get movies and posters that we all thought was lost in time. With free parking you will get lost in the massive content and believe me, if you love music, you will love Amoeba Records.

Visit Amoeba Records for more information and remember the name.

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