Thursday, February 26, 2009

Songs We Recall from The Art Motion

As argued in ‘Music Of Cinematic Force...’ posted on February 16th I argued who I thought would win. As one week has passed I am of curiosity looking over what the music forums and main sites such as are writing about. As a week has passed I am curious myself what the best ‘Original Song Winners’ are. If you’d list them, I’d maybe agree with but since I hate listing commercially, from fairly commercial movies winning at the Oscars I prefer to look beyond and somewhat name, not list somewhat the 12-16 best songs in movies because many of these songs has an effect on the movie, it transforms the movies.

Just imagine what ‘Wayne’s World’ would be without ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen or a missing ‘Raindrops Keep Falling...’ in ‘Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid’. The power of the song has created memorable moments in these films and If I from a movie/music lovers perspective go back into what songs has captured and transformed my mind, created these moments of honesty and memory of what the film meant to me.

Clips from Magnolia and Almost Famous.

(It’s Not Going To Stop til’ You) Wise Up by Aimee Mann in Magnolia, ‘Suck’ by Nine Inch Nails in ‘Se7en’. ‘Al Otro Lado Del Rio’ by Jorge Drexler for a ‘Motorcycle Diares’ and Elliot Smith’s ‘Miss Missery’ in the fantastic ‘Good Will Hunting. Glen Hansard’s ‘Falling Slowly’ made ‘Once’ and Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ is a definition of ‘8 Mile’. A fantastic piece from a fantastic soundtrack is ‘Just Like Honey’ by Jesus & Mary Chain in Sofia Coppola’s success ‘Lost In Translation’ and what would the appearence of a stunningly beutiful Natalie Portman had been without The Shins ‘New Slang’ in ‘Garden State’.

Clips from 'Once' and 'As it is in Heaven'.

‘The End’ by The Doors in ‘Apocalypse Now’ and ‘Where’s My Mind’ by the Pixies in ‘Fight Club’ are essentials to the films greatness. Bob Dylan’s originally written ‘Thing’s Have Changed’ for ‘Wonder Boys’ is just worth the Oscar and Eddie Vedder’s fantastic ‘Setting Forth’ in ‘Into The Wild’ and ‘Man Of The Hour’ in ‘Big Fish’ are magnificent. Then again people not familiar with a small language called Swedish, may tend to have never heard one of the most fantastic songs of 2005’s ‘Foreign Film Nominations’, at the Oscars. It's Helen Sjoholm and Stefan Nilsson’s ‘Gabriellas Sang’ in the movie ‘As It is In Heaven’. We close this without forgetting about one of the most explsive scenes from a motion picture, the choring of Elton John's 'Tiny Dancer' by Stillwater in Almost Famous is unforgetable.

All clips come from; following clips comes from 'Magnolia', New Line and Magnolia Projects (1999)'Almost Famous', Columbia Tristar and Dreamworks (2000),'Once' Samson and Buena Vista (2006), 'As It Is In Heaven' Sonet Film (2004)

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