Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Art of Anton Corbijn or The Master of Visual Images in Music

Photography and music are art forms that in many ways come hand in hand. For one certain person, this has been his living. Through music videos, covert arts and exhibitions Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn has explored a new genre of art. The art of music. Through his fantastic eyes he has captured some of the most classic covers of modern music history. His alternative, dark toned cinematography has been the foundation for some of the most artistic music videos.

Two years ago, Anton Corbijn released his first directed full feature film ‘Control’ which was a story of the Joy Division lead singer Ian Curtis and his tragically short life. When we take a close look at Corbijn’s portfolio we find classic music videos like Metallica’s ‘Hero Of The Day’ (1996), U2’s ‘One’ (1992), Nirvana’s ‘Heart Shaped Box’ (1993) and numerous of Depeche Mode videos and Joy Division's mythical ‘Atmosphere’ (1988).

As U2 is releasing ‘No Line on The Horizon’ and as I wrote my ‘Captain Beefheart Tribute’, I find it rather interesting that the man behind the first mentioned band’s most classical album is this artist and that Beefheart’s last musical work was shot and captured by the vision of Cobijn.
The raw photo of U2's "Joshua Tree' Art Cover. (1987)

At the year 1987, Anton Corbijn captured the fantastic, incredible cold image of the Joshua Tree for the album ‘Joshua Tree’. The image is one of Corbijn's most recognized works and he has later on worked with artists like Nick Cave, Dave Gahan and the legendary San Diego folk/alternative Tom Waits.
Corbijn's Ian Curtis-film 'Control' (2007).

What to be acknowledged through Cobijn is his fantastic vision and view in the participation with some of the most artistic pieces added outside the music, in the music history. Corbijn’s edge is a brilliance to his business and with his latest work Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’ music video Corbijn show’s hope to the art of music videos which has become and has been for a very long time an important medium in the art of music.
The raw photo of The Killers 'Sam's Town' (left) and legend Tom Waits (right)

All pictures are taken by Anton Corbijn and was found on his website.
For more information on Anton Corbijn visit his website:

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