Thursday, February 12, 2009

Truth about 'The Crying Light' by Anthony & The Johnson's

Truth spoken, 'The Crying Light' by the New York group Anthony & The Johnsons is a melodic tension settler. As I would like to call it, after two mellow, low density albums third time becomes a charm. 'The Crying Night' contain a tension of melodic calm and soft melodies mixed with thoughts and carefulness. It brings out a tension in ways of how you reflect over your personal thinking process and as the second week of February comes to its end I find this golden egg hidden by all what's bad.

Anthony & The Johnsons have yet again proved that they gain something to the musical industry in an independent universe that has outgrown itself. Lead singer Anthony delivers his emotional downward voice and uses his bands in this fantastic way of reading what I would call 'extreminism' poetry of high standards that deals with tensions of peoples regular lives. It gives the proportions of greateness and with this album more than ever, a terrific chamber pop experience as I would like to describe it.

In comparision to personal legends and musical geniuses like Rufus Wainwright and Jeff Buckley, Anthony creates an undertone and with songs like 'Epilepsy is Dancing' and 'Dust and Water' a great melodic tension is created that upholds the greatness of an album. Opening the album as soft as possible with a story sadness I think that Anthony & The Johnson's has created one of the year 2009's best albums, if not in the end definetly so far.

Other albums worth its attention, processesed over night: 'The Empyrian' by John Fruciante, 'Hold Time' by M.Ward and 'Merriweather Post Pavillon' by Animal Collective

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