Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chris Cornell's Scream, A Terrible or Terrific One?

'An Awful Piece of Work' or 'The Biggest Disappointment of 2009', the comments depends on who you're asking. When speaking of Chris Cornell's new album 'Scream' people have shown furious emotions on the 45 year old Seattle grunge rocker. The legend of Soundgarden and later Audioslave has gained great respect and has a strong fan base but according to many fans this might be his defeat. As I said it depends on who you're asking. 

After listening through 'Scream' I don't hear what I should expect but rather something different that seriously if you listening carefully isn't terrible either. You can easily sense the participation of producer/artist Timbaland's evolvement in the production and the record is well produced but far, far away from anything that reminds his old fans of grunge. Already early in his solo career we haven't really seen anything of the past and the need for Chris to reinvent himself might bring him to a new audience that will enjoy his new work. Talking about the album itself it is nothing like his earlier mellow, cooled of ballads (listen to 'Euphoria Morning'  and 'Carry On').  

Scream opens up terrible and I can imagine the tensed level decreasing each second as the record plays along but when reaching the second track which is a great produced and well-done song 'Scream'. The following tracks of the album is an experimental pop record with some rocker singing and it is not an 'awful piece of work' it is a well done piece of work that got rythm and missing just the touches. Both 'Sweet Revenge' and 'Get Up' is perfect night clubs songs but they don't belong among grunge fans or Cornell fans it belongs at a new audience. 

This is sad since people have served their positive spirit for Cornell since his start or they have fallen in love with his art much more earlier than he found a relation to the general pop genre. This is another Chris Cornell with a new idea, new vision. Just like 'Chinese Democracy' never will become Guns N' Roses, 'Scream' will never become a Cornell album but for his career he has made a smart choice and actually a working concept that I dig, I just don't like the idea of musicians abandoning their love for money but I encourage the idea for experiments and if thats the case, then go on Chris because this Pop Album is far more better than any pop album in the main stream universe today. So the answer to question 'A Terrible or Terrific Scream?' it depends on who you're asking and if you're asking me, both yes and no.

Songs to listen to if you do find it pretty OK under the circumstances: 'Scream', 'Sweet Revenge', 'Get Up', 'Never Far Away' and 'Long Gone'.

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