Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Is Ryan Adams Sad Dracula? He Has to Be!

The rumors around the rather unknown band Sad Dracula have been circulating for quite a while now. People are sure and say that Sad Dracula is an underground project from the alternative country/rock singer Ryan Adams. Two unreleased albums 'Fasterpiece' and 'Let It B-Minus' is circulating the internet and on Adams Fan Archives people discuss the unknown artist and not only his connection with Ryan Adams but the fact that Sad Dracula is Ryan Adams.

The genre of Sad Dracula reminds of Adams a lot, in fact in many songs you can tell that this is Ryan Adams singing. By vistiting the artists myspace (...myspace.com/saddraculawarrenpeace) you don't get much more knowledgeable than you were before you entered more than this is something in the association to Adams and his band the Cardinals when sneaking through the images. No photos exist posted of the band together and no one know who either Sad Dracula or Warren Peace really is but we all take for granted when listening to the music that this is Ryan Adams.

On a blog called blowinthecoug.blogspot here on blogger.com the blogger writes in an article 'Ryan Adams is Sad Dracula' that Ryan Adams have posted songs under different new artist names on his website and this clearly backs up the fact that Sad Dracula is Ryan Adams and the blogger Barton Kensaw also writes that this might be released sessions that became one of Adams earlier albums 'Rock N' Roll'. 

The music on the albums 'Fasterpiece' and 'Let It B-Minus' is well produced and very good, it has the influences of country that Ryan Adams has evolved more during the past years and the records are very available and unfortunetly illegal downloading seems to be the only way to really get a hold of these albums. If you do I can tell you that it is good Adams rock of great caliber and that it is like adding two more Adams albums into your collection, but who knows maybe it isn't him after all. But I wouldn't bet a lot that he isn't.

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