Friday, March 6, 2009

Introducing 'Quadro Q' on St Saddam

Now proudly introducing the ‘Quadrophenia Q’. A section of ‘Music, Truth & Tunes’ where I interview upcoming and unsigned musicians, bands or artists about their visions, their music and goals.

The first band to be interviewed is the Swedish, experimental/rock band St. Saddam. The band is currently working to finnish their first full length album on the the swedish indie label RMI. It’s now two years since St. Saddam released their first EP, ‘Bioharrard Blues’ and their most well recognized song ‘Art Of Exhile’. The band call themselves ‘Atom/Rock’ and is a heavier version of instrumental acts like ‘Explosions In The Sky’, ‘Ef’ and ‘Maybeshewill’ with huge influences of postmodern stoner/rock.

Since the beginning of the bands history there has always been a special atmopshere around St Saddam, originated from the Swedish east coast town, Oskarshamn the band recieved great press for their first performances and created a controversy with a political atom test bombing video on a screen stretched over the stage for none to see the band as they give a performance. A Controversial name, constantly mistaken and directed toward Saddam Hussein, St. Saddam has created a name for themselves. As their new album is on the way I choose to interview guitarist and producer Johannes Roth, member of St. Saddam to sort things out and to get a deeper look at the mysterious St. Saddam.

Read all of it tomorrow at Music, Truth & Tunes and check out St.Saddam on myspace.

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