Monday, March 2, 2009

Truth about 'Mr. Lucky' by Chris Isaak

Chris Isaak is one of those artists that reminds you of somewhat country. But it has mixes with it and that ‘Mr. Lucky’ in fact is Isaak’s best album since 1995 when he released his ‘Forever Blue’. In this somewhat ‘comeback’ Isaak has captured the modern college rock that we could find in no one else but Ryan Adams latest albums ‘Easy Tiger’, ‘Cardinology’. First track ‘Cheater’s Town’ is a brilliant kick off for ‘Mr. Lucky’ and the atmospheres of the songs around reminds of something between U2 and the post modern phenomenon ‘Rouge Way’.
There’s somewhat an epic atmosphere over Isaak’s album and I like it from track one. When it comes to reach of the middle section on ‘Mr. Lucky’ we reach two fantastic duet’s. The duet with Trisha Yearwood, ‘Breaking Apart’ is a mellow, calm and easy adult rock experience with an easy going mode to it. Yearwood’s beautiful voice reflects an epic story in a sense and it reminds of so much bond between the artists.
The same go with Michelle Branch’s duett with Isaak in ‘I Lose My Heart’. It’s a terrific song that recalls to a country somewhat rock-a-delic folk tale. The record is a nice, easy listening journey until the great finale where I tense the soul influences on Big Wonderful world which signifies a perfect end to a fair enough journey. The record also welcomes Isaak back and determines that the music is as well, as good and as perfectly suited for today’s audience.

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