Saturday, March 7, 2009

'MT&T' Hits 'Youtube' and the Week When I Discovered 'Black Wolfe Radio'.

Hello folks, this week has passed on faster than usual. One of the main reasons is because I've been working hard to establish 'Music, Truth & Tunes' on YouTube. The new channel will contain different playlist categories for example; 'Music Videos', 'Music Documentaries', 'Music from The Movies' and 'Music, Truth and Tunes Podcasts'. The last category will be a personal made 'Podcast'-list where I to start off with introduce the blog and its content.

In the future my goal is to gather documentaries about musicians that I write about or music videos that I discuss in the blog. I am happy to introduce the channel that can be found on Also worth mentioning is the first interview with an unknown band on 'The Quadrophenia Q'-section of the blog. First out to be interviewed was the Swedish Atom/Rock band St. Saddam where I asked the producer/guitarist Johannes Roth questions about the mystique around the band and their new upcoming full length album.

'Atmosphere' and 'Subterranean Homesick Blues' on

So what can we say about this week, after a strange experience with U2's new album 'No Line on The Horizon', I finally got a hold of some of the new albums of the week that will be reviewed during next week. Among them is the last year Swedish release of 'Soundtrack of Our Lives', US-released 'Communion' and also the southern rockband Nashville Pussy and their new album 'From Texas to Hell'. The recent releases from Bela Fleck, 'Throw Down Your Heart, Tales from The Acoustic Pla' and 'Middle Cyclone' by Neko Case was fantastic and brings us hope for an upcoming week in the world of 'Music, Truth & Tunes'.

But one of the most exlosive and interesting discoveries this week is definetly Santa Monica resident Connor Button's 'Black Wolfe Radio', a radio stream by the 19 year old Button, originally from Tucson, Arizona. Well produced instrumental beats, poetry and songs mixed with an atmosphere of depth and a pinch of brilliance was definetly the golden egg of the week, to be interviewed further on the 'Quadro Q'.

Have a Great Saturday Night Folks and don't forget
to tune in onto 'youtube/musictruthtunes'

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