Thursday, March 26, 2009

Staying Busy and Exploring the Amazing Music of Kaufman's 'Synecdoche New York'

Long Time No Seen; or I am not going to lie to you. As the last weeks has passed by the blog has been under major construction to move into a web host and under a 'dot com' adress. I am currently working to build and construct a new web site template for 'MT&T' and being alone in a crew is demanding, especially in time. As discovering new music and after a short, mini intro to the 'Quadrophenia Q' with St Saddam the blog has reached a point zero degree mode where nothing happens.

First sneak-peak at the New, Better and Funkier 'Music, Truth & Tunes'

The building of a new site takes time and that is the main reason why the blog is currently more or less down. If my planning goes well new 'Music, Truth & Tunes. Com' will be lounged in circa 14 to 21 days with three sepereate blogs, daily news updates and a user template much easier and way less limited than the layout. Keep your eyes open for the new 'Music, Truth and Tunes'.

New music processed; 'Karlek Ar For Dom' by Thastrom and 'Synecdoche New York Official Soundtrack' by Jon Biron.

Stay Tuned, Stay Musically Involved

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