Friday, March 13, 2009

Where Did I Go?

Lovley Friday Sun in Los Angeles has no resting at all. As the Music, Truth & Tunes week closes to its end it's with delays and alot of work. The delays are the new Quadro Q and some music reviews that I was planning to get up on the blog. So what about alot of work, besides going to school I have taken on a new project with MT&T and that's the building and creating of a free webpage that doesn't rely on the services of google or any adsense.

By building a seperate site that I own I will be able to manage the functions and the content more widely as well as the language of expression which I love to fire up to get the feeling and emotions on music. The new site will be called simply 'MusicTruthTunes.Com' which will be a easier way to search in on and it will contain 4 seperate blogs dealing with the four main labels of the site, Reviews, Profiles/Articles, Interviews and last but not least more Chronicles or 'Signature's' as I refer them to.

Also new on the site is links to order the music I speak of daily and pictures, podcasts that present to you the true side of MT&T's YouTube entrance. But a bulding progress takes time and the new site will probably be done in the middle/end of the next week and untill then, MT&T will be ran as usual but unfortunetly with lesser content. So enjoy and look up for MT&T's entrance to real world and also look forward to the new 'Quadro Q' interview with Swedish underground Singer/Songwriter Annicka Hammar and her views and perspectives on Music and Life in a small Swedish coastal town.

Until further a due, stay tuned, stay interested.
Stefan LG. Henriksson

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